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Does My Small Business Need to Provide Health Insurance?

Under New York State law, businesses with fewer than fifty full time employees are not legally mandated to provide a . . .
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Campaign Encourages Employers to Implement Driving Safety Policies for Employees

Many employers require their employees to drive as part of their job positions for various reasons.  Each October, the Network . . .
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Credit Card Companies Shift Liability to Businesses in Fraudulent Credit Transactions

As of October 1, 2015, credit card companies will be shifting liability for fraudulent transactions to merchants. Credit card companies . . .
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Keeping Your Holiday Parties Trouble-Free

It’s that time of the year again when many companies celebrate the upcoming holiday season by holding parties for their . . .
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Include Meal Breaks When Keeping Accurate Records of Your Employees’ Time

We’ve often discussed importance of keeping accurate records of the hours your employees work. Here is another example of how . . .
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Investigating Claims of Harassment in the Workplace

Many businesses are not immune to workplace harassment. For example, a former employee of a business in Texas sued his . . .
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Avoiding Wage and Hour Enforcement Actions

The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) requires employers to pay “non-exempt” employees time and one half of their “regular rate” . . .
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Do Your Policies Address How Employees Use Their Cell Phones?

In a few short years mobile phones have become ubiquitous in both our personal and professional lives. Modern smartphones allow . . .
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Avoiding Problems with Credit Card Payments

Recently an attorney sought our firm’s opinion regarding an issue involving a client business’s credit card processor. Like many businesses, . . .
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FTC Challenges Company’s Social Media Promotion

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has broad jurisdiction to enforce federal consumer protection laws such as the FTC Act. As . . .
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