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Antitrust laws were designed to help promote the free trade of the American economy.  The Sherman Antitrust Act was created in 1890 to prevent businesses or individuals from monopolizing or conspiring to monopolize an industry.  Subsequently, the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Clayton Act were both passed to further the goals of the Sherman […]

by Leonard A. Bellavia, Esq. The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has brought enforcement actions against automobile dealerships regarding their online advertising practicaes. The most discussed enforcement action targeted dealers who made claims related to negative equity online. Afterwards there was some confusion as to the extent of the FTC’s application of consumer protection laws to […]

Leonard A. Bellavia, Esq. Senior Partner, Bellavia Blatt, PC Attorneys General from around the country have stepped up enforcement of state advertising laws. Many state advertising laws piggyback on the Federal Trade Commission’s (“FTC”) definition of what makes an advertisement deceptive, so understanding of what the FTC defines as deceptive is helpful. According to the […]

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