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Many businesses are not immune to workplace harassment. For example, a former employee of a business in Texas sued his employer for harassing him. Among other claims of verbal and physical abuse, the employee’s suit alleges that colleagues repeatedly assaulted him with a Taser. If your company does not have a process by which your […]

In a few short years mobile phones have become ubiquitous in both our personal and professional lives. Modern smartphones allow businesses to communicate rapidly with consumers and help employees work together effectively. Mobile phones on the market today can send and receive emails, upload media to social sites like Facebook and YouTube, and capture high […]

by Leonard A. Bellavia, Senior Partner, Bellavia Blatt & Crossett, PC The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (“OSHA”) recently approved changes to how whistleblowers may file complaints against firms who violate any of twenty-two statutes  related to safety and pollution. Previously, whistleblowers could only file complaints by writing to OSHA, calling a hotline, or calling an […]

by Leonard A. Bellavia, Senior Partner, Bellavia Blatt & Crossett, PC  The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”), which regulates how companies may contact consumers by telephone, prohibits companies from contacting consumers via automated dialing systems, either by text or by telephone, without prior express consent of the party called.  These rules significantly change what constitutes prior […]

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