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Bellavia Blatt, PC offers a proprietary, cost effective small to medium-sized business prepaid legal representation program named BB300. BB300 is a legal coverage plan designed to provide your Long Island small to medium-sized business access to the same in-house legal counsel expertise as a large business. This cost-effective solution provides your business access to expert legal advice on a host of issues ranging from Franchise Law and Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Shareholder Disputes, Business Contract Review, Document Review and more.


BB300 Business Legal Representation Program

Bellavia Blatt, one of New York’s pre-eminent law firms representing small businesses in Nassau and Suffolk counties, developed the BB300 Business Legal Representation Program to provide small businesses a unique opportunity to gain immediate access to experienced legal counsel and business legal counsel – at a low fixed monthly fee of $300.

The BB300 Business Prepaid Legal Representation Program helps small Long Island businesses have a legal expert in-house at an affordable low flat fee that will provide them with peace of mind as they operate their business each day under the safety of our legal protection plan. Our program is the equivalent of having a team of qualified, knowledgeable attorneys who are experts in your type of business. A team that is available and can provide legal coverage to your small business when you need them the most.

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Participants in Bellavia Blatt’s BB300 Business Legal Representation Program will receive the following for only $300 per month:

  • Unlimited telephone consultations about general business operations (e.g., credit issues, employment and labor practices, franchise issues, privacy rules, advertising compliance, review of vendor contracts, best practices review and consumer complaints)
  • Preparation of letters and general releases in response to customer complaints
  • Assistance responding to state and federal regulatory agency inquiries
  • A substantially reduced hourly fee for matters not covered
  • Regular updates regarding best practices and regulatory compliance

Bellavia Blatt will concentrate on your businesses legal problems and concerns so that you can concentrate on your business. Contact Bellavia Blatt for more information on how your business can benefit from our BB300 program in Suffolk and Nassau counties or call 516-873-3000


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