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Bellavia Blatt is a nationally recognized legal authority in the field of franchise law and has represented hundreds of franchised businesses. Our comprehensive legal services are designed for businesses in all phases of their life cycle, including startup, expansion, disposition and dissolution.

A franchise creates a legal and commercial relationship between the owner of a trademark, service mark, trade name, or advertising symbol and an individual or group wishing to use that identification in a business. The franchise governs the method of conducting business between the two parties. Generally, a franchise sells goods or services supplied by the franchisor, or that meet the franchisor’s quality standards.

We handle a variety of franchise law matters on Long Island and access to NY, including the following:

Franchise agreements

Franchise and licensing disputes

Product franchises

Business Format Franchising

Manufacturing Franchise

License Agreements

Franchise law and agreements can be very complex and intricate. If you are interested in entering a franchise agreement, the experienced attorneys at Bellavia Blatt will ensure all your legal rights are protected and help you weigh all your options. By knowing your options, you will be able to make the best decision for you, your business, and your future.

Contact Bellavia Blatt for more information on how your business can benefit from our legal expertise at or call 516-873-3000.

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