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Small Business Litigation

Does My Small Business Need to Provide Health Insurance?

Under New York State law, businesses with fewer than fifty full time employees are not legally mandated to provide a . . .
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Campaign Encourages Employers to Implement Driving Safety Policies for Employees

Many employers require their employees to drive as part of their job positions for various reasons.  Each October, the Network . . .
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Do I Need to Pay Interns?

If you are running a small business, employing interns for extra help may seem like a win-win situation. College students . . .
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Licensing Agreements

Every business owner knows how important trademarks are to protecting their brand, or intellectual property.  However, sometimes it makes good . . .
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Drafting a Non-Compete Agreement

If you are starting your own business, depending on the nature of it, you may consider having your employees sign . . .
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Protecting Your Business from Harm: Injunctive Relief

If your business is facing harm due to the conduct of another business or person, immediate relief is necessary.  Whether . . .
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Should I Consider Licensing or Franchising My Business?

If your business has been successful, you may be looking to expand.  There are always risks when it comes to . . .
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What is the Difference Between an LLC and an LLP?

Starting your own business is an exciting venture.  You have probably heard the terms LLC and LLP and are wondering . . .
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Avoiding Problems with Credit Card Payments

Recently an attorney sought our firm’s opinion regarding an issue involving a client business’s credit card processor. Like many businesses, . . .
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When Texting Your Customers Costs Your Business $47 Million

by Leonard A. Bellavia, Esq.   The ubiquity of smartphones and other feature-rich mobile phones has fueled widespread adoption of . . .
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