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Small Business Litigation

New York City Debt Collection Lawyers

Do you need help receiving payments for outstanding debts or facing pending transactions for goods or services? Getting the help . . .
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New York City Contract Breach Attorneys

Disputes arising from breaches of contract are not uncommon in the business world, and they can pose a significant threat . . .
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New York Shareholder Dispute Lawyers

Dealing with shareholder disputes in New York requires a nuanced approach due to their sensitive and complex nature.  These disputes . . .
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NYC Corporate Lawyers

New York City and its variety of businesses require adept legal counsel. Corporate lawyers play a pivotal role in steering . . .
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Does My Small Business Need to Provide Health Insurance?

Under New York State law, businesses with fewer than fifty full time employees are not legally mandated to provide a . . .
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Campaign Encourages Employers to Implement Driving Safety Policies for Employees

Many employers require their employees to drive as part of their job positions for various reasons.  Each October, the Network . . .
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Do I Need to Pay Interns?

If you are running a small business, employing interns for extra help may seem like a win-win situation. College students . . .
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Licensing Agreements

Every business owner knows how important trademarks are to protecting their brand, or intellectual property.  However, sometimes it makes good . . .
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Drafting a Non-Compete Agreement

If you are starting your own business, depending on the nature of it, you may consider having your employees sign . . .
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Protecting Your Business from Harm: Injunctive Relief

If your business is facing harm due to the conduct of another business or person, immediate relief is necessary.  Whether . . .
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