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Few scenarios arising under a tenancy in a commercial lease cause as much friction between landlord and tenant as those involving assignments and subletting.   An unsuspecting tenant may find that his or her inability to secure appropriate transfer rights during negotiations over the lease may curtail, or eliminate, the tenant’s ability to assign or sublet […]

When negotiating the purchase and sale of a business, buyers and sellers often fail to spend sufficient time and effort addressing whether the seller is prohibited from operating an enterprise that competes with the buyer’s newly-acquired business.  Whether this is caused by a lack of foresight of potential problems, or an uneasiness individuals have about […]

Whether a commercial real estate transaction is for the purchase of real property, or the lease of a premises, a broker is likely involved.  Brokers help match willing buyers and sellers, and willing tenants and landlords.  Many commercial landlords or sellers deal solely with brokers.  Counsel to these parties must be mindful that several pitfalls […]

by Leonard A. Bellavia, Esq. Imagine the following scenarios: An employee and a consumer become embroiled in a heated disagreement.  After the consumer leaves, your employee uses his smartphone to post unflattering remarks about the consumer on the employee’s Facebook page. Another employee expresses her disapproval of a decision made by her supervisor by logging […]

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