Breaking Up is Hard to Do in Business

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Even the best-intended of business partners decide to split up after so many years of doing business together. Often, there are personal differences and problems that arise, unrelated to business differences. The process of breaking up a business raises difficult questions for business owners. For example, what happens to the liabilities of the firm? Even the most informal of businesses will have generate difficult questions for partners during the dissolution of the business.

Even for small businesses, the questions raised during dissolution are not simple. If a bigger business is dissolved, even more complex issues arrive. There might be stockholders involved, fees, penalties and even criminal litigation rooted in the problems, and all of these matters must be addressed. In any event, attorneys know how to keep personal problems apart from business problems, because a clean and clear dissolution of any business is in the best interests of everyone involved.

Download our Breaking Up is Hard to Do in Business Guidebook to learn more about some of the questions that will arise during the dissolution of a business, and how best to address these problems.

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